Original brand with international recognition  

Boundless Global Services regardless of Boundaries

Pioneer of box die cutting machine – BAO-DER Enterprise Corp.

In the age underlining original brand, how to successfully promote products is a crucial part in marketing. 

In the wave of upgrading traditional industries, through 24 years of hard work, Bao-der Enterprise, leader in printing processing equipments, has introduced Bao-der High-speed automatic die cutting machine by its own R&D and innovation in the early years, and has established a vast global distribution and service network. 

Baoder Enterprise successfully builds a famous brand in Taiwan and has created great market opportunities in the field of paper packaging machinery.



Company Profile

History of the Steady Development of Baoder


Baoder Enterprise was founded in 1988, with a history of 24years, as a manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of fully automatic high-speed die cutting machine and foil stamping machine.

Led by Wang Liang Chin, president of the company, the company has been carrying forward  “Serving Clients and Clients Foremost”  as its business tenet, dedicated to the innovation, research and development as well as the specialized manufacture relative to paper packaging machine based on constant improvements, with its top quality generally accepted by domestic and oversea customers as a well-known manufacturer of paper packaging machine.It has not only built Baoder brand for increasing the popularity of the company, but also it has made remarkable achievements in the expansion of the international market. 

Over the past few years, it has taken an active part in various kinds of international exhibitions such as Germany Drupa, American Chicago, British IPEX, Beijing China Print, Taiwan TIGAX, Brazil, Spain, Vietnam, Indonesia etc, around the world to increase its popularity. It is of good reputation, and its astonishing achievements made in domestic and overseas sales are very influential.

It is the marketing purpose of Baoder Enterprise to follow the business tenet for serving top quality clients in Taiwan, which has been launched to different parts of the world, and expected to have the reputation and prestige of Baoder machine spread across the world as so to build and maintain optimal business relations with the world and to research and develop brand new outstanding machines taking the lead in the trend of the world. 

Due to stability in the quality of the machine made by Baoder Enterprise with less frequent failures and quick response of after-sale services, Baoder Enterprise as well as its products have been generally accepted by a great number of clients. Now it has been one of the most outstanding manufacturers in Taiwan manufacturing fully automatic high-speed die cutting machine. 

Moreover, it has succeeded in the sale of more than 70 sets of such equipment in the world, hence very great achievements made in this connection.


Management Ideality

Professional technologies in meticulous business operation


Since its establishment, Baoder Enterprise, led by Wang Liang Chin, president of the company and coordinated by the colleagues after their unremitting efforts, has been in its constant growth and development providing more efficient and competitive services. 

In addition to the increasing expansion of factory and updating performance of machinery and equipment, it has also used the latest computer systems to build the company’s internal networks; the new versions of drawing software not only helps reduce the time for the development and design of new products by designing departments and increase the accuracy of products, but also keep integral and detailed old drawing files thereof to improve the quality in after-sale repairs, maintenance and services for the products. 

Also, from the perspective of clients and users, vivid interpretation with words and graphs along with the presentation of professional knowledge, operation and maintenance instructions as well as very clear assembly drawings and remarks on parts and reference numbers make successful communication in after-sale services.


In addition, computerized operations have also been carried out for internal management, and network connection has been made for inventory, manufacturing control, purchasing,

business, accounting and trade, etc in their system integration areas so that the entry and returns will be more efficient to benefit proper control over the management flows. 

Persistently dedicated to the quality of machine, Baoder Enterprise had its die cutting machine pass the test of certification by British SGS European Standard in May 2001 with the CE certificate. Since then, it has formerly declares to the world that its products are of the international level, which helps provide clients with the warranty of superior machine.


In the times of e-commerce, Baoder Enterprise understands that the future development will be based on the everlasting care and support by clients and customers. 

By following the principle of extended services, Baoder expects to offer a two-way communication channel in a quick and convenient manner so as to be able to maintain regular interactive relations with clients, to carry out the business tenet as  “meticulous operation and services foremost” , which will, in turn, increasingly accumulate its experiences and introduction of new science and technologies, with the innovative research and development machine to meet different demands of clients so as to lay a solid foundation for the subsequent sustained business operations.


Profile of Management

Great Achievements Made Step by Step


To talk of the incorporation of Baoder Enterprise and its pioneering work, we will naturally associate it with Wang Liang Chinpresident of the company, who has been one of the most important characters. 

It is now the 42 year since he was on the long way to the manufacture of paper packaging machine when he was 18. Since then, he has been strict with himself performing his own duties. 

Not only can he aim at the market trends and development prospect, but also he has ambitions in his initiative innovation, research and development of the equipment so that he will be able to be outstanding in the professional field in the tense competition and succeed in having developed a new domain with his efforts. He has an unrestricted and broad mind, and is interested in making tea. 

Wang Liang Chin, president of the company, who was of the origin of a laborer as he likes to call himself, has developed himself and had the 42 experience the process  “from nothing to something” ,  “from the convention to innovation” ,  “from manual work to automation” . 

It is just because of the step-by-step spirit based on “more struggle and more efforts”  that he has succeeded in developing the new era of Baoder die cutting machine.



Marketing Networks

Boundless Global Services regardless of Boundaries


Currently, Bao-der fully automatic high-speed die cutting machine become marketable in five Continents around the world, including more than 20 countries and regions respectively covering Asia: Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc; the Middle East: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordon, Kuwait, Syria, etc; Oceania: Australia; Africa: South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, etc; America: the USA, Argentina, Brazil, etc; Europe: Great Britain, Spain, etc, also with agents distributed in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, the USA, England, Brazil, Spain, Saudi Arabia, etc. Since the service network covers the world, in addition to the direct demonstration of its immediate and quick efficiency, it furthermore helps lay a solid and sound foundation for Bao-der.



Brands determine the globalization times

In the globalization times, only the own brands will be the only path to the survival of a business. In addition to top quality equipment, Baoder also takes an active part in developing and expanding the international market. As the brand images are the accumulated processes, they require the very great energy and efforts as well as costs before Baoder can succeed and excel in the industry.



Such great achievements after great efforts and struggle have seen the phases that Wang Liang Chin, president of the company, experienced from “nothing to something”, from “convention to innovation”, from “manual work to automation” and from “a technician to an important person building his own brands, and he has also witnessed the development process of “die cutting machines and foil stamping machines. It is also because of the business pioneering spirit as “meticulous business operation and services foremost” and constant research and development opportunities that enable the company to build up the Baoder die cutting machines. 

Baoder will make further astonishing achievements in sales for Taiwan with its proud Baoder fully automatic high-speed die cutting machines as well as the latest die cutting, foil stamping, convexity pressingmachines to coordinate with the marketing and service networks Baoder has established around the world.



Great events in Baoder Enterprise

*In 1988, it was founded in KUEI SHAN HSIANG, Taoyuan County, specializing in the research, design and manufacture of high-speed die cutting machines.

*In 1990, it launched the first set ofspeed of machine is up to 6000 per hourBD-1020C high-speed die cutting machine, and in the next year, it successfully launched the BD-1020CS die cutting machines with stripping function, thus having greatly forging ahead towards technical know-how.

*In 1988, it succeeded once again in the research and development of more powerfulspeed of machine is up to 7500 per hour BD-1050C, BD-1050CS (with stripping function) die cutting machines, and in launching to the market.

* In 2000, it attended for the first time Taipei TIGAX Printing Exhibition, demonstrating its new models of BD-1050CS fully automatic high-speed die cutting machines, which aroused interests and affirmation by the market.

* In 2001, Baoder die cutting machines passed the certification test by SGS European Safety Standard, and was granted to the CE Certificate; Baoder attended the 5th Beijing International Printing Exhibition, American Chicago Printing Exhibition, with good response, and 5 sets of equipment sold on the field.

*In 2002/Baoder attended Taiwan TIGAX Printing Exhibition, British Birmingham IPEX Printing Exhibition, Shanghai Printing Exhibition, and was highly appraised of and with very good reputation.

* In 2003, Baoder was moved toWen-Cheng Rd. Taishan, Taipei Hsien, as the current place covering a land area of 400 square meters.

* In 2004, Baoder attended Germany Drupa Printing Exhibition, the largest one in the world, and opened up the road to the market with its superior quality of equipment.

*In 2005, it attended Chicago Printing Exhibition in the USA, and for the first time, demonstrated its BD-1050CSF fully automatic die cutting, foil stamping and convexity pressingmachines

* In 2006, it attended British Birmingham IPEX Printing Exhibition, Brazil Packaging Industry Show and Taiwan TIGAX Printing Exhibition, where it succeeded in selling quite a few sets of BD-1050CSF fully automatic die cutting, foil stamping and convexity pressingmachines, hence very great achievements made in this connection.

*  In 2008, Bao-der attended Germany Drupa Printing Exhibition, the largest one in the world, and opened up the road to the market with its superior quality of equipment.

 *  In 2012, Bao-der also attended Germany Drupa Printing Exhibition, the largest one in the world, and opened up the road to the market with its superior quality of equipment.